VTT Adventures XC Enduro Super Series

Race 4 of the VTT Adventures Series is this Sunday 24th September at Kooralbyn.

For a long time I thought Kooralbyn mountain bike racing just wasn’t going to happen but thanks to Beaudesert Cycling Club and many people in the Kooralbyn Valley community who have worked tirelessly to get the course ready we are on track….no pun intended!

We rode the course at the week end and it is fun and flowy. There are some pinches but that’s mountain biking and it’s a little dry so I will be doing a little dance to the Rain Gods for just a sprinkle about Wednesday and all will be perfect.

Please get your entries in early this week so I can have a good night’s sleep and not wake in the night following another nightmare that no one comes to my race!

A Grade Ladies is looking a bit depleted. Jodie Willett, obviously a little nervous of the local competition went off to Switzerland where competition is not quite so fierce and the hills a little easier to climb! Quite obviously she has achieved her goal and has ended on top podium a number of times. Sadly I have just read they lost their overall 30 second lead due to yet another mechanical to place 2nd in the overall race PERSKINDOL SWISS EPIC – MTB Stage Race which is still an amazing result. Congratulations to Jodie and John Laughlin .

Lucy Coldwell decides to trip off to Nepal, no doubt to start her training for 2018 in some serious altitude and Jo Rowel went off mountain biking to the US. However, I heard Jo has returned and is looking good to take out A Grade women at this stage.  Of Sandy, Rebecca and Caitlin I have no news.

Overall series winner in A Grade men is almost a foregone conclusion but the race on the day I am sure will be tight. With the addition of Troy Herfloss in Race 3 who took out a fine win Trent West and Darren Rolfe 2nd and 3rd we are going to be in for some tough competition. Troy also holds the record for the fastest solo lap time for the series and will be in line for a record award at the presentations on Sunday.

B Grade men is all decided as far as the overall series winner is concerned and so far, there has been no one to challenge Kevin Jones. He has won each race. His times are extraordinarily fast and as one of our most senior gentleman you have to take your hat off to him. What else does he have to achieve? Well a win at Kooralbyn would surely be pretty special?

It was a bit of a shame Russel Davies didn’t feel he was up to another challenge with Kevin and chose to make his life a little easier by riding in a team with his son. I have to say Team Davies rode some blistering lap times and one of them now holds the record for the fastest team lap of the whole series. It’s a long shot but I am guessing it was Byron!

Caleb Sibly is another who has shown great consistency. I am wondering what he is capable of producing when the chips are down and in this last race of the series. He has youth on his side and has had a month to put in some serious training so just maybe he will be making Kevin work for his bottle of wine!!?

B Grade women just haven’t shaped up so come on ladies get your entries in. There are great prizes to be had.

C Grade Men and Ladies is really where all the excitement is happening although without doubt Suze Rubb is looking good for a win on the day and is a definite overall series winner. Christina Strano and the ever-consistent Kate Lehman will be fighting for 2nd and 3rd place. At this stage Christina is holding the better hand.

Good luck to all C Grade Ladies. Fiercely competitive (???)  On the track and great mates off.

Kev Harber is back for the final race after illness saying, “I’ll be healthy (not fit) for race 4”. Is he foxing? He is certainly going to give Ben Brettschneider a run for his prize money or should I say Lively Linseed Breakfast Boost and bottle of wine? The podium of Ben, David Merit and newcomer to MTB racing Torban Wentrup from Race 3 could well be looking a bit shaky with the return of Kev.

Team racing is always super exciting and they change all the time so who knows who will be thrown into the mix on the day. Sharon and les Heap for a start and it’s great to see them back. Cyclinic, well after Anna Beck’s exciting race at the Worlds in Cairns last week she is entitled to put her feet up for a while with a glass of bubbly or two.

MCN and G1and G2 in our Male Team categories have given us some super competitive racing and I for one am hoping we are going to see it all again. Just waiting for GI and G2 to get their entries in. They are probably out training again!

We are waiting for the release of a video of the course made by Lachlan Ryan from Element Photography. Hopefully it will be out this week. It features Kyle Addy, Beaudesert Cycling Club and Kadison Earnshaw, Rats Cycling Club, definitely two up and coming stars on film and I was lucky to be able to get them.  The making of this video has been funded by Christie Smith at who has also generously donated towards the trophies and prizes.  “Thank you, Mr. Hooker,” or should I say Christie?

Thank you also to Scenic Rim Council for their support and very generous contribution to the race.

Likewise, Ramada Resort are giving random prizes for 2 twin shares stays at the Resort where you can come and play a round of golf or two if you have had enough of MTB for a while! They have also contributed generously with some Kooralbyn wine.

As always, a thank you to my friend Jacqui Donahue at Lively Linseed for their fabulous prizes with some great new additions for this race in the form of some linseed creams and oils. No not to eat silly…….

Also, and more important for their support for myself and the series.

Thank you again to Gavin at Ashgove Cycles and Darren and Sandy at IRide Toowoomba for their help and ongoing support.

OK guys get your entries in and let’s remind those tracks at Kooralbyn what it’s like to be raced on. I am looking forward to witnessing some new lap records in the making.

See you all Sunday.